If the available capital is 1 billion Dongs, you may think that there are not many choices for profitable real estate investment, people with small capital often only choose small or suburban projects. But coming to Moonka, investors can still invest in good products, in many different segments with modest capital.

Since the Lunar New Year in 2022, many cities have appeared with land fever such as Lam Dong province, Binh Phuoc province, Quang Tri province … making this investment portfolio of many people interested. Many new investors enter the market with the desire to invest profitably from the opportunity cost. However, this investment stage is full of risks when real estate values ​​increase based on market demand, causing investors to still hesitate to spend a large amount of capital.

In addition, the available capital of 1 billion creates a limit, which can only help investors access the segment of cheap real estate or land plots. Usually, these products do not receive many benefits and are far from the center. On the other hand, to participate in the mid-range real estate segment, the capital must be doubled or doubled. Therefore, if the source of funds is borrowed money, the investor has to bear interest on the loan or the cost of capital. Therefore, if investors have capital of only one billion dongs but are still interested in real estate portfolios with good liquidity and added value, they can refer to supplementing their portfolio with Moonka. The solution that Moonka is aiming for is to help customers make profitable investments with modest capital through partial investment in real estate, in many diverse segments.

Benefits of real estate investment with Moonka

Moonka uses Blockchain technology and real estate encryption technology. Investors will have many choices in many different cities from which it is easy to find products that suit their individual needs. In addition, Moonka supports the implementation of legal documents and real estate appraisals for customers to help investors easily manage their investment portfolios and minimize investment risks.

Even investors can buy tens of billions of dong in real estate with a capital of only a few million. Attractive portfolio returns with an expected return of 10% over six months or more.

For example, Moonka completed the process of buying real estate in Lam Dong province (C10) and withdrawn 11% profit after only two months. This is a type of Second home real estate with a starting price of 1 billion USD. Initially expected return is 10% after 6 months.

If the investor receives an expected interest rate of 10% after 6 months. With available capital of 1 billion USD, investors will receive both principal and interest of 1.1 billion USD. This expected profit comes from the opportunity cost and the profit level is about 7%/year higher than the bank deposit interest rate.

In conclusion, Moonka provides real estate investment solutions in a simpler and more convenient way. If you hold the money without making a profitable investment, you will lose a return of at least 6-7%. But if you join the real estate investment supply on the Moonka platform, you have the opportunity to enjoy a profit of 10% or more annually. So, with a capital of only VND 1 billion, come to Moonka because you have many attractive real estate investment options.

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