All the luxury apartments in the Vietnamese real estate market these days are gradually becoming every customer’s choice when it comes to investment. Especially, in big cities like Ho Chi Minh City, many outstanding projects on luxury apartments have been implemented. Yet many customers currently don’t have much understanding about “luxury apartments” and their characteristics. Let’s dive deeper into this concept along the blog with Moonka.


Luxury apartments are the ones with high-class use quality, ensuring the planning elements of architecture, technique, furniture, essential equipment, and conditions for providing surrounding services. With that being said, management quality must meet the highest standards as well. There are also quite a few customers who tend to mistake luxury apartments and condominiums.

On the other hand, to put it simply, the concept of a luxury apartment will include all the most outstanding internal and external utilities, along with all the highlights of a project. This type of apartment is also categorized in a high-end version and is highly appreciated for its quality. At the same time, it is totally different from an affordable or mid-range apartment, especially in terms of utilities.

To identify a luxury apartment, you need to base on the following criteria:

  1. Must be built on a large scale, located in the most convenient traffic location (closest to the city center).
  2. Construction density is only calculated below 45% of the overall.
  3. The entrances to the house, the parking space, and the main hall must be arranged separately and independently.
  4. There must always be a reception desk in the commercial service area of the building.
  5. The corridor must be wider than or equal to 1m8, the average apartment area per number of bedrooms must be at least 35m2. In short, the local amenities.
  6. Ensure safety in terms of technical standards of fire prevention, living space, automatic fire alarm system.
  7. Quality of utilities must meet some standards such as daily cleaning service, security camera system, key card, …


Luxury apartments include the following features:

First, the area of ​​a luxury apartment must be greater than or equal to 70M2 / apartment.

According to regulations on luxury apartments, they must have an area larger than or equal to 70M2. Ensure all criteria and standards for technical, infrastructure, finishing quality, and service around (including management). More specifically, in an area of 70M2 /  apartment, it must include: the master bedroom must be larger than or equal to 20M2, with at least 2 individual toilet areas (priority is given to the master bedroom). Must ensure the quality of its use over 100 years according to the issued policy.

Second, inside an area of 70M2/ apartment, it must include: The master bedroom must be larger than or equal to 20M2, with at least 2 personal toilet areas (priority is given to the master bedroom). Must ensure the quality of use over 100 years according to the issued policy.

Third, meet the requirements of luxury apartment design. It is necessary to clearly distinguish each area and the function of that luxury apartment. The space in the apartment must be airy, creating a sense of comfort for the customers. The location of the kitchen and dining room must have natural lighting and a ventilation duct. In addition, the most important point will be the personal hygiene area of the apartment, which follows these criteria:

1. Fully furnished

2. At least 1 toilet bowl seat

3. A shower

4. A Bathtub

5. Hot and cold bathtub

Fourth, the management-security system is a definite must-have feature of a luxury apartment today. The camera systems around living areas, especially corridors, hallways, and stairs, an elevator that operates 24/24, a modern security system that’s available 24/7, and last but not least, ensure the safety of fire prevention.

Fifth, there must be a policy to support loans and installments. These preferential policies will help customers facilitate transactions, own and increase the prestige of investors. Obviously, luxury apartments will cost much more compared to regular apartments.


Types of apartments today are built and designed in many forms. With different customer’s preferences come different styles.

1. Regular apartment

In the basic concepts of the types of apartments today, a regular apartment is the most common one, which is found in all real estate projects from affordable to high-end segments. Conventionally, regular apartment models often have a simple structural design, including a living room with a kitchen and dining room, bedroom, bathroom, … This type of apartment is diverse in area and price in order to offer more to the customers. Most common apartment models belonging to the low-cost and mid-range segments are suitable for young families and single people, which belong to apartment projects, and don’t go with a large number of bedrooms from 1 to 3 rooms.

2. Studio Apartment

The concept of studio apartments originates from apartment models designed for singles, and students in the UK. Studio apartments refer to apartments with a small area often called Bachelor or Efficiency. It has no partition inside the apartment space. However, basic functions such as bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms, etc. are still guaranteed. The functional areas in the house will be enclosed in a separate corner, ensuring comfort. Usually, its model appears as a small, simple, and cozy space. The prices of these apartments are medium and low. If you are living alone or with 2 people, a comfortable and convenient studio apartment might be a great choice for your home.

3. Officetel apartment

Officetel has multi-purposes of hotels – offices – houses in one space. Its model is designed to be flexible, bringing a comfortable workspace, that’s why it’s not as rigid as traditional offices. Officetel can be used for many different purposes or used as an apartment with full amenities. The main design style of this apartment model is modern, making the most of the space and the viewing angle. Officetel has full living facilities such as bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, to provide an ideal working space. The interior of the apartment is smartly designed and arranged with multi-use appliances. Basically, its area ranges from ​​​​25-50M2. allowing individuals and businesses to use it as a place to rest and work. Thanks to that, you can also enjoy the common facilities in the project such as the gym, swimming pool, restaurant, etc. This apartment model is suitable for start-up business groups, and groups of employees operating in the technology sector. Because of the comfort Officetel offers, it also increases the efficiency of concentration and creativity for employees. The price of Officetel is also cheaper than regular apartments for living purposes only.

4. Penthouse

Penthouse apparently has appeared on real estate projects around the world for such a long time. In Vietnam, the concept of the Penthouse only arose in the 2010s and is often located in luxury apartment projects, large flats, and urban areas. The penthouse model often has an open space, and luxurious design. They are usually located on the top floor of the building and are interconnected, not necessarily with a penthouse, except with private spaces. Penthouse is most preferred for its wide, airy views with sweeping city views, which is usually a beautiful scene with a large surrounding balcony and large veranda.

Compared with regular apartments, Penthouse is designed with a swimming pool, garden, and balcony to provide comprehensive living expectations to the customers. Even the bedroom, living room, and kitchen items are also cared for with luxurious furniture. The entire interior of the Penthouse is lavishly and delicately arranged, imported from Europe for optimal quality. Penthouse also costs considerably highly thanks to high-class living facilities, beautiful views, overhead space, and spacious areas.

5. Duplex apartment

Duplex apartment is designed with at least two adjacent floors located in the same building. Its model is often luxurious and modern, it’s interwoven with floors with other regular apartments. Not necessarily on the top floor like Penthouse, but the space inside here is self-contained and does not include the outside open space like the Penthouse, yet Duplex apartment is still suitable for families with many members. Usually, the stairs will be placed right in the apartment. One side of the apartment is designed with a glass wall to effectively expand the viewing angle. Due to the larger area with 2 connecting floors internally, the Duplex apartment models are priced higher than usual.

6. Sky Villa apartment

Sky Villa apartment is a mixture of luxury apartments and villas. This provides a comfortable, large and airy living space like a resort villa right in the city for families. Compared to penthouse models, Sky Villa has a private space thanks to its own entrance and elevator. When living here, you will enjoy the garden space, swimming pool, green trees, and nature like a villa in the sky. Inside the apartment, the partition is minimized. Offering a spacious and comfortable living space. The functional items in the house are spread out on the floor. The interior decoration in the apartment is also taken care of to bring a high-class and modern life. Sky Villa brings a desirable living space to customers, thus, no wonder why the prices of these models are often much higher. Besides, it’s located in the segment of high-end apartments, so it is understandable because the design, area, and amenities of this apartment model are available more.

Now those are the insights regarding luxury apartments. Moonka team hopes our beloved investors will have a successful and wise investment choice!

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