Undeniably, Penthouse has gained considerable attraction to investors in recent times. So what is a Penthouse? Is it really as classy as it sounds? What are the basic features of its design? Join Moonka to answer these questions down the road!

1. A brief history of a Penthouse

Ever since the skyscrapers appeared across America as well as Europe, the architects back then thought of leveraging the space of the attic. At first, it was just a storage room or additional room. Over time, this area was designed into an impressive living space. This is the predecessor of the Penthouse model, although it was incomplete.

In the mid 20-30s of the 20th century, The first Penthouse at the Plaza Hotel was recognized. The apartment was recorded to be located on the roof of the hotel with sweeping views of New York’s Central Park. Right after that, this Penthouse attracted the entire US real estate market as well as worldwide, it was evaluated as a unique, appealing housing model.

2. Penthouses today

Over time, the Penthouses increasingly became more complete in terms of design, interiors, and style. To be called a Penthouse, it has to be located on the top floor of a high-rise building.

This apartment can occupy the whole roof floor or be deployed in an atrium-style. 

Despite that, Penthouse provides homeowners an experience that is no different from a comfortable villa with an expensive overhead view.

Penthouse barely has partitions between rooms to create a sense of spaciousness and openness. Simultaneously, they will be expanded with a balcony to make the most out of their one-of-a-kind space. 

Therefore, by understanding the essence of a Penthouse, it can be seen to be one of the most sought-after real estates in the luxury housing segment. 

3. What is the fundamental design of a Penthouse?

The first and most core thing of today’s Penthouse lies in the luxury and lavishness, which distinguishes it from the regular apartments or flats. As this real estate model predominantly orients to the upper-class segment, more investors pay attention to the quality and luxury of a Penthouse.

The penthouse will likely comprise only one or atrium (ie, two floors are attached with the stairs right inside the apartment). The roof of a building includes one or many Penthouses, depending on its design. Regardless of the design, this apartment has a very spacious and airy interior space, which is indicated through high ceilings, balconies running alongside the house, replacing the walls with tempered glass to open up the space, the eaves are designed like an arch,… Some pricey Penthouses eventually allow homeowners to have their own entrance to the house or a private elevator rather than the public one for the residents in the building.

Image: One of Penthouse’s features is the tempered glass designed to cover the whole facade.

Penthouse is especially praised for its interior layout. So what makes the interior of the Penthouse attractive that much? Since it is pre-furnished, individually designed and installed. All the furniture is premium to create the ultimate luxury and fancy living experience for owners. All amenities in the apartment are ready in full-force for sale. Thus, if you buy a Penthouse, you almost only need to bring your suitcase to live.

Nowadays, most Penthouses are built with full interior design

4. Pros and cons of Penthouse 

Apart from understanding the concept of Penthouse, analyzing the advantages and disadvantages of this apartment model really matters, as it helps investors consider and calculate whether to put down money or not. Let’s break it down to the following pros and cons.

What are the advantages of owning a Penthouse?

Penthouse is always the most-researched keyword in wealthy customers when it comes to buying a house. Apparently, there are reasons behind the sought-after Penthouse, and after going through each of those reasons, you’ll find out why very few housing models can “usurp” Penthouse:

– Prime location:

High-rise buildings are always located in prime locations in big cities or busy urban areas. Whereas, Penthouse will automatically inherit its advantageous position. Living in a Penthouse, you will enjoy the comforts of your own high-rise and convenient transportation to the popular services.

– Expensive views:

One of the reasons that makes Penthouse a “golden egg” is its view from above. Most penthouses allow owners to have a wide view towards the city. The design of the large balcony and the glass outside the apartment allows you to maximize the view and receive the best natural light. Whether it’s a sunrise or sunset, a night view of the city or a rainy day, you can comfortably enjoy the view from your main apartment without having to travel or pay fees.

Most of the Penthouses have the best rated views of the city 

– Ideal living space: 

As we are owning an elevated apartment, of course, it will not be negatively affected by traffic dust, noise pollution, especially difficult to be affected by pathogens and insects from humid places. Homeowners will live in a clean, airy environment.

– Guaranteed security:

When living in high-class buildings or high-class apartments, you can benefit from great security as well as your own privacy. The reason is because you will be privileged to get to your Penthouse in a “VIP” elevator or with a magnetic card. In addition, most Penthouses do not have common passageways, common corridors, or 24/24 cameras, …

– Living in sublime:

The fact that a Penthouse is always costly and luxurious expresses different values for the owner. The luxury and comfort coming from the smallest details of the apartment will enhance both life and style for the owner.

What are the limitations of a Penthouse?

Penthouse obviously has several outstanding advantages, so does it have any drawbacks? The answer is yes, and these cons are all very understandable:

Price: If you want to buy a prime, classy and convenient apartment, then surely the amount of money you have to invest to own it is considerably high. Usually, this type of apartment is only suitable for the rich.

– Limited quantity: Almost every building has only one Penthouse for sale, meaning even if you can afford it, it is difficult to buy a satisfactory Penthouse because most of them are already owned.

Easily affected by the weather: If you want to stay in a Penthouse, you should anticipate the difficulty when dealing with the weather quite frequently. For example, the temperature of your house will always be above or below ground level. Especially due to the design of glass on the outside of the apartment, when there is a thunderstorm, storm or hail, your apartment will most likely be damaged and you will have to pay the repair cost.

Time consuming travel: This will be a big problem when you are in a hurry. Imagine you have to wait for the elevator for so long and waste dozens of minutes to move from your Penthouse to the ground, which may test a lot of your patience.

So those are interesting knowledge about Penthouse. Would investors expect Moonka to put up some Penthouse investment deals on Moonka.io in the future? Leave a comment below this blog!


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