Up until now, NFT remains an unbreakable trend to the Blockchain community. Yet it still boils down to the matter of which wallet to store your digital assets. That’s why Moonka has come up with the top 5 commonly-used NFT wallets.

1. MetaMask Wallet

People have a tendency to relate NFT to Blockchain Ethereum. One of the most favorable Ethereum wallets is MetaMask. This is an extension wallet, allowing customers to seamlessly access NFT, marketplace, etc. MetaMask also stores various addresses so that you can create each wallet for each NFT you purchase.

2. Trust Wallet

If you use Binance exchange, you may know Trust wallet. This is one of the NFT wallets that has a user base of more than 5,000,000 users. Back then, Trust used to run a relatively popular Airdrop campaign.

On Trust, you can find a list of DApps for the NFT market. Similarly, other leading crypto wallets for NFT, Trust provides a DApp browser, which facilitates easier accessibility to NFT applications with only a few clicks away. Moreover, Trust also optionally integrates with the Ethereum network and the Binance Smart Chain network.

3. Enjin Wallet

When it comes to NFT projects, most people think of Enjin’s projects. Inside this Blockchain ecosystem created Enjin wallet, which helps you conveniently collect NFTs and other collectibles used as gaming items.

Currently, Enjin wallet supports NFT storage from the Ethereum network. Since it is connected with the NFT market, users can easily transact on its platform. In general, Enjin’s token customer and investor network are quite large.

4. Alpha Wallet

In 2021, Alpha was evaluated to be a potential project and its governance token incredibly grew. Based on the heat of the market, Alpha released Alpha wallet to store its original tokens as well as Ethereum of tokens.

Besides, this wallet is linked to NFT marketplaces such as ChainZ Arena and OpenSea. Alpha wallet offers a wide range of open-source tools that investors, developers, businesses, and other stakeholders can use.

5. Math wallet

Perhaps, those who are new may find Math unfamiliar but it actually impressed many people when first being launched. According to its introduction, NFT wallets support more than 65 Blockchain publicly. Math wallet also integrates with many cold wallets.

Generally speaking, Math has actively expanded many features and improved user experience. The wallet also supports the majority of the most urgent crypto-related needs of NFT holders. Therefore, this is also an option that’s worth the attention.

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