On January 20, 2022, at the event “Moonka 2022 – Codified vision of the real estate industry”, MOONKA officially partnered with Pantheon Law – a legal service provider with over 10 years of experience.


Mr. Tran Quoc Bao – Managing Partner of Pantheon Law (left) and Mr. Nguyen Tuan Khoi – CEO Moonka (right) at the signing ceremony

With the criterion of always supporting all relationships and related issues for customers with the fastest, the most efficient, and the most understanding in trade, along with long-term experience in the industry, the cooperation of Pantheon Law and Moonka will be a big step. So that from here, Moonka’s domestic and foreign investors will be completely assured of legal issues about investment real estate products on Moonka – a real estate coding pioneer in the Vietnam market.


Established in 2011, Pantheon Law became a legal service provider with over 10-years of experience. Up to now, Pantheon Law has provided a full range of regular legal services to domestic and international clients having investment and business activities in Vietnam. In addition, Pantheon’s lawyers are also familiar consultants for international clients in commercial fields such as management, business administration, mergers and acquisitions (M&A), restructuring enterprise, investment, and especially in real estate, housing, etc in Vietnam.

In particular, the lawyers of Pantheon Law have a lot of experience in representing large investors such as financial investors, real estate investors, foreign investors when conducting business investment in Vietnam, including matters related to investment directly or indirectly through the purchase and sale of infrastructure and assets.


MOONKA is a real estate encryption platform using Blockchain technology. The platform provides a solution to help “Buy Together” with convenient, decentralized, and transparent Real Estate. In June 2021, the project was officially launched to the public. In terms of ​​bringing Blockchain into the Real Estate sector, MOONKA belongs to the pioneer group in this field in Vietnam.

MOONKA aims to revolutionize the global real estate industry. In particular, the general investment and escrow protocol are significantly innovative compared to the traditional form.

Currently, the traditional real estate industry faces many inadequacies and many unresolved problems. Through MOONKA, we want to solve some of the conventional real estate investment market dilemmas. That is:

  • Dividing real estate assets.
  • 24/7 quick liquidity support.
  • Legal support for the property.
  • Foreigners can invest efficiently.


Pantheon Law

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