At the event “Moonka 2022 – Vision to code the real estate industry” on the evening of January 20, 2022, MOONKA officially established a partnership with Phuc Hung Group – a company that develops and distributes real estate product lines.

Mr. Nguyen Duy Thanh – General Director of Phuc Hung Group (left) and Mr. Nguyen Tuan Khoi – CEO of Moonka (right) at the cooperation signing ceremony.

Accompanying with Moonka, Phuc Hung Group will be the distributor of products listed on with the criterion of liquidity at the right time to bring the highest profit to Moonka’s investors.

About Phuc Hung Group

Established in 2015, focusing on the development and distribution of real estate product lines, Phuc Hung Group is currently a prestigious unit with the successful distribution and development of many large-scale projects in the particular trade zones of Ho Chi Minh city such as River Panorama (District 7), Saigon Avenue (Thu Duc), Palm Garden (District 2), Him Lam Phu An (District 9), Tara-Residence (District 8), Dream Home Place (District 8). They are reaching out to conquer the potential market at the leading commercial and tourist sites.

Phuc Hung Group has built a team of 200 warrior members who are always ready with professional criteria and the top motto of optimizing real estate value as well as bringing absolute satisfaction standardization, sustainability, and accompanying development with customers.

In the upcoming time, Phuc Hung Group aims to expand the scale and types of products, expand the scope of business in key cities of commerce – tourism, and solve the settlement problem for the number of families in HCMC..


MOONKA is a real estate encryption platform using Blockchain technology. The platform provides a solution to help “Buy Together” with convenient, decentralized, and transparent Real Estate. In June 2021, the project was officially launched to the public. In terms of ​​bringing Blockchain into the Real Estate sector, MOONKA belongs to the pioneer group in this field in Vietnam.

MOONKA aims to revolutionize the global real estate industry. In particular, the general investment and escrow protocol are significantly innovative compared to the traditional form.

Currently, the traditional real estate industry faces many inadequacies and many unresolved problems. Through MOONKA, we want to solve some of the conventional real estate investment market dilemmas. That is:

  • Dividing real estate assets.
  • 24/7 quick liquidity support.
  • Legal support for the property.
  • Foreigners can invest efficiently.

Phúc Hưng Group 


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