1. What is KardiaChain Validator?

KardiaChain has an open Validator candidate selection which encourages KAI holders to register to be a Validator. The Validators are required to have a high computing server, secure and stable network to run a full node. The Validators are required to be online 24/7, to produce new blocks and participate in the consensus by broadcasting votes and avoiding any slashable behavior.

2. Moonka is a member of KairdiaChain Validators now.

After Moonka Token (MKA) is listed on Kaidex successfully, more good news is coming. Along the way, we are happy to have the companion of KardiaChain. We are extremely happy to announce that we are a member of KairdiaChain validators now.

In the digital era, businesses around the world are transforming and adopting Blockchain because of its transparency, speed, and security. Moonka was born to be the pioneer in building a real estate cryptographic platform and real estate transactions using Blockchain technology. Moonka will open up investment opportunities in the potential Vietnamese real estate market with just a few taps for investors around the world.

With over 30M KAI staked, Moonka is going to be in the top 10 validators, standing side by side with giants like FADO JSC and Cong Troi,…As a validator, Moonka will provide an attractive low rate of commission at 1% to benefit all delegators as much as possible. This will make Moonka a trustable node to bring in more stakers in the art industry on KardiaChain network.

3. Why you should become a Delegator of Moonka?

3.1 What are Delegators?

The Delegators are not required to have a high computing power and do not want to run a Validator node. They are KAI holders who delegate their KAI to Validators to obtain a part of staking reward.

3.2 How to become a Delegator?

To become the Delegator, KAI holders have to send a delegated transaction where they will specify the amount of KAI to bond to Validators. The Delegator can do it from their KadiaChain wallet on the computer or mobile device.

3.3 Example of reward and commission fee:

Validator Andy has 15M KAI and stakes all his KAI. His commission rate for delegation is 1 % to help him to maintain his operation. Delegator Bob has 5M KAI and delegates all his KAI to Validator Andy. Now Validator Andy has a total 20M KAI in staking.

+ For this example, let say the current APR is 20% ( The current APR of Moonka is 11,56% now), the total staking reward for Validator Andy is:

20M (Total staked KAI) * 20% (APR) = 4M (Total reward )

+ How reward will be distributed:

Based on the total contribution amount of staking, Validator Andy has ¾ and Delegator Bob has ¼ . Let calculate the reward:

Validator Andy: 4M * ¾ = 3M reward

Delegator Bob: 4M * ¼ = 1M reward.

Since Delegator Bob agrees to pay a 1% commission fee to Validator Andy.

+ Let calculate the commission fee:

Commission pay to Validator Andy: 1M * 0.01 = 10K KAI

+ What will Validator Andy and Delegator Bob will receive as the take home reward:

Delegator Bob: 1M – 10K (commission fee) = 990K

Validator Andy: 3M + 10K (commission fee) = 3.01M

3.4 How to choose Moonka as a Validator for staking?

Step 1: Go to Kai Wallet and Choose Staking and Stake now.

Step 2: Choose Moonka Node Validator

Step 3: Select the amount of KAI you want to stake and Delegate, please note the minimum is 1000 KAI.

Please note: For any misconduct or misbehaves from the Validators, the delegated staking KAI will be slashed. Moreover, the amount of delegated stake will be locked for 7 days before the Delegators can retrieve it. So, the Delegators should carefully choose the Validators that they can trust.

About Moonka:

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