1. How to buy MKA to upgrade membership?

To invest in real estate on Moonka, you need to become a member to be eligible to participate. To upgrade a member, you must have at least 1000 MKA to be Trial Member or higher level. How to buy MKA?

1.1 Prepare KAI to buy MKA on KAIDEX

Step 1: Buy KAI on Kucoin or VNDC. Then you can send KAI to your KardiaChain Wallet (KRC20).

=> How to buy USDT: https://blog.moonka.io/en/5-how-to-buy-usdt
=> How to buy KAI: https://blog.moonka.io/en/6-how-to-buy-kai

Step 2: Go to Kaidex: https://kaidex.io/exchange/0x42bfEeEad02e715C554Bd981093C983eCf075fe and Choose MKA/KAI.

1.2 Buy MKA through P2P on ONUS (VNDC)

Step 1: Buy VNDC

=> How to buy VNDC from fiat VND: https://blog.moonka.io/vi/huong-dan-cach-dang-ky-tai-khoan-nap-rut-tren-vndc

Step 2: Choose Options to add MKA tokens to your VNDC wallet.

Step 3: Choose MKA and turn this button ON

Step 4: Turn back to the main interface and select P2P

Step 5: Change token from USDT to MKA, P2P catalog will appear and you can buy.

1.3 Buy MKA by SWAP on VNDT

Step 1: Open VNDT app and choose SWAP

Step 2: Choose MKA and KAI to swap

2. How to upgrade membership to be eligible to participate in investing Real estate.

After sending MKA to Moonka Wallet on https://moonka.io/en (If you send MKA from KardiaChain wallet to MKA wallet, please check exactly that is the right wallet on Moonka.io / Use KRC20 and always better to send a small amount to test first.) Here are the steps to upgrade membership.

Step 1: Log in to your account on Moonka.io.

Step 2: Click on the account section and select “Account Upgrade”

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Screenshot_2-1024x231.png

Step 3: Select the membership level you want to upgrade and click “Select”. Note: To upgrade, you must have the same amount of MKA that the membership level requires.

Step 4: Wait for the system to process your member upgrade command. If you have enough MKA but still can’t upgrade, you may not have KAI available as a transaction fee, about 0,5 KAI is enough. You also can contact admins at Moonka’s groups for support.

3. Prepare stablecoin to buy Real Estate, here is an example of VNDC

After upgrading your membership, you need to prepare stable coin VNDC in your MKA wallet corresponding to the number of real estate that you want to invest in.
+ For example Rose Garden costs 1 billion divided into 1000 parts. You want to invest 10 parts, so you need to deposit 10 million VNDC into your Moonka wallet before the Rose Garden opens for sale. Here are the steps to buy VNDC

The first way: Get VNDC in your KardiaChain Wallet.

If you are having KAI. You can go to KAIDEX and choose KAI/ VNDC then exchange KAI to VNDC.

You can exchange KAI to VNDC by Selling KAI.

After having enough VNDC, you can send VNDC from your KardiaChain Wallet to your MKA Wallet (KRC-20) and be ready to buy real estate.

The second way: Get VNDC in VNDC Wallet Pro.

You also can buy VNDC on VNDC Wallet.
Step 1: Download VNDC Wallet Pro

Step 2: KYC to verify your Wallet. Select the USDT symbol

Step 3: When getting your received USDT address. You can send USDT from other wallets to your VNDC Wallet. Please note to choose the right network to receive USDT.

Step 4: Choose Exchange and exchange from USDT to VNDC

Step 5: Turn back to the main interface, choose VNDC symbol, and click SEND ON CHAIN to send VNDC to MKA Wallet. Please note that you must choose KRC-20 network when sending tokens to MKA Wallet.

Please note that you must choose KRC-20 network when sending tokens to MKA Wallet.

4. Buy Real Estate

After upgrading the member and depositing enough VNDC into the MKA wallet. You are ready to invest when the real estate opens for sale.

When the real estate opens for sale, you can see it here

Investment order will be prioritized from Companion > Standard > Basic > Trial. Only when it’s your turn, the invest button will show up.

After the successful investment, you will receive an email and also can check it at Investment Product.

Wish you have a great investment experience at Moonka!

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