On October 27, 2021, Moonka officially announced a strategic partnership with SIEM – a professional Real Estate Developer in the Vietnam market. This is considered as an important support to help Moonka connect with big project developers, find good real estate products to list on Moonka, and bring profit to member investors.

About SIEM 

“Developing a Real Estate project is like producing a movie, where a Developer is like a Producer, assembling a Team to create a Project. Financial Investors, Real Estate Trust Funds in the capital market all understand that, in order to invest as profitably as expected (ROI), it is necessary to have effective projects coming from the Investor’s vision when choosing a land location, and development experience of professional project developers.”

Since 2006, SIEM has been involved in the development of Real Estate Projects as a consultant. Through two Real Estate Cycles, coped with many difficulties with investors, SIEM has successfully accompanied the development of large-scale projects such as KENTON NODE (Nha Be, HCMC), EVERGREEN (District. 7, HCMC), SAIGON MYSTERY VILLAS (District 2), DRAGON HARMONY ( Long An),…

Cooperation role between Moonka and SIEM

With experience in developing large and professional projects, SIEM will help Moonka connect potential projects to find good products listed on Moonka, bringing profits to member investors.

SIEM will accompany Moonka as a project development consultant for the investors of the projects listed by Moonka. With SIEM’s rich experience, investors will reduce risks, recommend appropriate technological processes, speed up project implementation, hand over on schedule and catch up with payment deadlines.

On the other hand, Moonka with its new model of co-buying real estate will help projects consulted by SIEM reach thousands of potential investors. Taking advantage of this advantage, investors will sell products faster than the traditional one, solving the sales process well. As more products from big projects are listed on Moonka, the position of both units will be strengthened in the technology real estate market.

Through this cooperation, we hope to create a “basket” of the best products for Moonka investors. At the same time, SIEM promises to ensure that all products that Moonka’s members have invested in will develop according to the expected schedule and choose the most profitable liquidity time.

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SIEM’s social channels:

  • Website: www.siem.vn
  • Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/siem.vn/

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