USDT is a stablecoin used as a method of exchange for other coins and tokens. In the tutorial below, Moonka will instruct readers on how to buy USDT. You can also do as below to buy other stablecoins.

Buy USDT via Kucoin exchange

If you have not registered an account and KYC on Kucoin exchange, please click here. Note that you need to verify your bank account information for payment. After that, you should change the language to Vietnamese for easy manipulation.

Option 1: Buy through the “Fast Buy” feature

buy usdt

Firstly, choose “Buy crypto” box. There are 3 ways to buy here, the first way is “fast buy”. According to Moonka’s assessment, this method will cost a transaction fee. If investors buy a big amount, this method is not effective. 

When the screen shows the “coin” bar, then you choose “USDT” with the reference of 1 USD = 1 USDT. Next, click to buy USDT, the website will direct you to the payment section via “Bank Card” or via “Balance”. You need to choose to pay via bank.

However, this way of buying will cost a high fee of about 3.4% of the converted amount. If you convert a large amount, the transaction fee will be high.

Option 2: Buy through the “P2P” feature

buy usdt

The P2P or Peer-to-peer feature is a marketplace for buying coins/tokens by hand. That is, investors will post buy ads or sell ads. When you agree to the transaction, the buyer will transfer the money by wire transfer, then the seller will transfer the coin/token to the buyer’s wallet.

To buy USDT, select the correct item “USDT” on the toolbar on the left corner. Then choose the equivalent exchange currency on the right corner which is “VND”.

After that, the ads will appear, you can check whether the payment method is appropriate and the transaction limit meets the buying needs or not. In the “Price” section, there is an exchange rate difference so you can consider and choose the appropriate price. The advantages of buying through P2P are low transaction fees and easy payment.

It should be noted that you have to transfer money to the correct seller’s account number. In the transfer content, you should copy the order code and should not write information related to buying and selling coins. After transferring, click confirm for the seller to receive information and unlock the coin. If after you transferred money but the seller has not transferred USDT, click on the complaint to be resolved by customer support.

Tips: Choose reputable sellers who have verification marks and have done many transactions. The P2P method costs no fees so many investors choose it.

Option 3: Buy through the “Third Party” feature (Not recommended)

buy usdt

Buying through a third party is buying through an intermediary. In the “I Want to Spend” section, you choose “VND” and the minimum purchase amount is 30 USD. Next in the payment method section, you choose one of three payment methods: Visa/Mastercard; SEPA; Apple Pay. Then in the “Select your Payment Channel” section, choose one of two “Banxa and Simple”

When buying through an intermediary, you have to pay the fees twice so the transaction fee is higher. Therefore, Moonka recommends that you should not buy through a third party. Moonka just introduces this method to you for information.

Buy USDT via VNDC wallet app

buy usdt on vndc

To buy USDT, you can buy through the “VNDC P2P Trading” feature. Then, you select the toolbar “I want to buy” and select the coin/token you want to buy, “USDT” here.

Similar to buying through P2P on Kucoin, you need to verify your bank account first. Next, you choose the ad that matches your buying needs and click the green “buy” button. The payment method is similar to other exchanges (see above).

Buy USDT via VNDT wallet app

To buy USDT on the VNDT wallet app, you have two ways, which are buy from a bank card and buy via VNDT. If you have not registered for an account, please click here. To easily buy or transfer VNDT, please review here.

Option 1: Buy USDT through VNDT

Buy USDT through VNDT
Buy USDT through VNDT

To buy USDT through VNDT, select the “Swap” feature in the bottom corner of the app. Then select “Swap” again. In the “Available Balance” section, select VNDT and enter the amount you want to swap. In the token section you want to convert into, choose USDT, check the conversion rate and then press the “Swap” button to complete.

Through this way, you can easily convert VNDT to USDT and it will cost a little transaction fee.

Option 2: Buy USDT through Deposit

Buy USDT through Deposit
Buy USDT through Deposit

To buy USDT with a bank card, you can search for “USDT” on the main page and press the “Deposi” button and select “Fiat/Fiat” to deposit. Minimum deposit amount is 10 USDT.

Alternatively, you can deposit by selecting the “Swap” feature in the bottom corner of the app. After that, continue to select “Deposit”. Choose the token you want to deposit – “USDT” here and enter the amount you want to deposit, the minimum is 10 USDT.


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