Investors can buy KAI through this exchange with fast transaction processing speed and low fees. In this article, Moonka will show you how to register an account and KYC (Customer Identity Verification) on Kucoin.

Step 1: Sign up

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If you want to  register an account via the website, go to Or you can download Kucoin app for easy manipulation.

Go to the Sign Up section. You can use your personal phone number or email to register. But if your phone number is changed or the area code is changed, it will be difficult for you to transact. Therefore, you should sign up using Gmail.

After entering your email, click “send code” and enter the confirmation code in the second frame. Next, enter a password consisting of letters, numbers and special characters to increase security. You are not required to enter the referral code. Then click the box to agree to the terms of the exchange. To end the registration, click the “Sign Up” button.

Step 2: Click on the KYC section.

After successful registration, go to the account section and choose to do KYC.

Step 3: Click on the blue box “Start Verification” on the right 

Step 4: Fill in the personal information such as: Country, Full Name, ID Card.

In the personal documents section, you can choose documents such as national ID card, Passport, driver’s license and fill the document information. To complete this step, select Submit.

Step 5: KYC to increase transaction limit.

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After completing step 4, the transaction limit increases from 1,400 USD/day. If you want to increase to 70,000 USDT/day, click on “Continue to get more benefits”.

Step 6: Take photos of 2 sides of your ID card. Then take a photo with your personal documents.

In the first 2 sections, you take pictures of the front and back of the ID card. In the 3rd section, you have to take a photo with your ID card according to the instructions written in the box nearby. To finish this step, click “submit”.

You have completed the registration and KYC on the Kucoin exchange. In addition, you need to add bank card information and enable multi-layer security to protect the account.


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