1. What is MKA?

The governance token of the Moonka platform is MKAToken (“MKA”). MKA acts as Token of Moonka Ecosystem (Utility token), their value changes based on supply and demand for Moonka’s products and services. At the same time, MKA also acts as a member token (Membership); investors who own MKA deposits on the Moonka platform will become Moonka members and participate in Real Estate investments on the Moonka Platform.

MKA is a digital token currently integrated and stored on the Kardia Chain platform, meeting the KRC-20 standard. The number of MKA is finite to limit the risks of inflation that occur with fiat.

2. Detailed information about MKA

Token Name: Moonka Token

Ticker: MKA

Blockchain: KardiaChain 

Token Standard: KRC-20

KRC20: 0xbFb1398F4755E861620d25A1Df6Bb8ff25252377

Token type: Utility

Total Supply: 100,000,000 MKA

3. MKA Allocation

Foundation for Team & Advisors: 20%.

Community Development: 10%.

Seed: 3%.

Private Sale: 6%.

Public Sale: 1%.

Land Mining For Investor: 25%.

Land Mining For Member: 12,5%.

Land Mining For Supplier: 12,5%

P2P Transaction Mining: 10%

Investors: People who contribute capital together to invest in real estate for sale or assignment to make a profit on Moonka’s platform.

Member: All members who upgrade their account from Trial to Companion at Moonka.

Supplier: Ambassadors, landowners who provide real estate which was available for sale in Moonka.

For example, B26 was opened for sale at Moonka with a price: VND, after the processes are completed and profit-sharing, 3200 MKA will be mined. 

  • 50% of 3200 MKA = 1600 MKA will be divided among Investors according to their capital contribution.
  • 25% of 3200 MKA = 800 MKA will be divided among Members depending on the level.
  • 25% = 800 MKA will be given to Suppliers.

4. MKA tokens will be unlocked as follows:

Foundation for Team & Advisor: 4 years vesting, six months cliff, linear unlock starting from the 7th month.

Community Development: 4 years vesting, 15% release at TGE, linear unlock starting from the 7th month.

Seed: 2 years vesting, 1 year cliff, linear unlock starting from the 2nd year.

Private Sale: Lock membership to invest real stake, 1-month cliff after unlocking membership (Time for review documents related to real estate).

Public sale: 100% release at TGE.

Land Mining: Real estate raise successful on MOONKA will be converted into MKA token to generated per transaction at raise fund success.  1 Billion VNĐ value = 1000MKA.

Division rule: 50% for Investor, 25% for Members (before event success), 25% for Land Suppliers.

P2P transaction mining: 10 MKA tokens to be generated per transaction P2P Real Stake’s token trade on MOONKA.

Division rule: 50% for Buyer, 50% for membership belong to level.

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