Moonka is a pioneering platform in the field of real estate tokenization using Blockchain technology. Tokenized real estate assets help property owners and investors around the world easily access to purchase and sell real estate properties through an optimal and convenient way which is fast, secure and transparent.

How does MOONKA solve problems in the traditional real estate industry?

Investors with small capital have difficulties in accessing to real estate projects Divide real estate assets so that all investors can invest with a small amount of capital
High legal risksSupport legal problems
Long liquidity timeQuick liquidity 24/7
Foreigners have difficulty in investing in domestic real estateForeigners can invest easily

Unique Selling Points of Moonka

  • Professional Real Estate Brokers: More than 5000 expert brokers help connect real estate sellers and investors
  • High liquidity: you will be able to buy and sell tokens that certify your real estate investment at any time without worrying about complex legal processes, scams such as fake documents, deposits,…
  • Blockchain technology: dividing real estate properties into many parts for easy trading, investing and profit sharing
  • Crowdfunding platform: always update potential projects to help many investors with small capital easily access projects

The process of buying and selling real estate on MOONKA

The process of buying and selling real estate on MOONKA is very simple, convenient, transparent and fast with the application of blockchain technology.

For sellers

For buyers

The properties selected to be listed on MOONKA will go through a variety of selection rounds based on criteria such as the location of the property, convenience and proximity to amenities, high profit potential, competitive prices,… Therefore, MOONKA brings much value ​​to sellers and investors such as:

  • Investors access early to information about new real estate projects
  • Cost-saving for both the seller and the buyer thanks to not having to pay brokerage fees
  • Don’t need to visit real estate, and investors can buy and sell immediately on MOONKA platform.
  • Get support from legal consultants of MOONKA
  • Easily look up verified information of real estate
  • No need to spend too much time researching because the projects on MOONKA have been carefully selected.

MOONKA is a real estate Crowdfunding platform through Blockchain. Moonka is the bridge for retail investors or foreigners to have easy access to good products. MOONKA ambassadors who have practical experience and understanding about areas will help investors make good decisions.

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