Since the official opening of voting on Can Gio B26 real estate open at 22:00 on October 12 until now, the voting rate has reached 78.1% (over 51% of the votes) which means that B26 will be assigned with the final price of 3,520,000,000 VND (In words: Three billion five hundred and twenty million dongs), take profit of 10% within 2 months compared to the opening price.

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Next, Moonka will work with the Representative to assign real estate in reality and distribute profits to investors. The real estate at has changed to Success status. We will announce the time to withdraw profits in the next 3-7 days after completing the assignment of the land use rights of B26.

To withdraw profits, investors please visit Go to the category of Investment Products => Select Profit Withdrawal. Investors will return real estate tokens and receive stable coin returns. After successfully withdrawing profits, investors can convert stablecoins to fiat money by transferring to VNDC/VNDT (KRC20) wallets.

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Congratulations to investors who have successfully joined in buying B26 real estate. Hope to accompany investors in the next potential products.

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