Many questions arise about whether to invest in and real estate Rose Garden – The third real estate is about to open for sale in Moonka or not? From an investment perspective, Rose Garden analysts have the following outstanding features:

After the 4th pandemic, the need for living space close to nature, following nature became urgent. Bao Loc with natural advantages, reasonable prices, is friendly and hospitable, and 3 hours travel distance from Ho Chi Minh City. Bao Loc promises to be an attractive destination for many tourists as soon as the pandemic is over.

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Bao Loc is about 200km from Ho Chi Minh City

The 3rd real estate in Moonka is called Rose Garden, located on a hillside land, overlooking the gentle Dai Nga River, seemingly converging all the quintessence of nature giving to ROSE GARDEN

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Concept Rose Garden
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Concept Design is both luxurious and modern while being in harmony with nature at Rose Garden

ROSE GARDEN also owns a synchronous traffic system, with 2 national highways running across the bypass road QL20, QL20, QL55, and many other key roads are on the way to completion.

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Infrastructure system – traffic connection Rose Garden Real Estate – in Country Dream 3

The real estate market here is focusing on the Tan Phu – Bao Loc expressway, a part of the Dau Giay – Lien Khuong expressway project, it is estimated that when the highway is completed, it will help shorten the travel time from Ho Chi Minh City to Bao Loc in only 2 hours.

Bao Loc With an average temperature of about 21-22 degrees Celsius, the lowest temperature is about 14-18 degrees Celsius, cool climate in four seasons, this place is ideal for the construction of resorts.

In addition, Bao Loc is also expanding the regional planning to attract investors to hunt for land to develop resort real estate. The bright star looks to nowhere other than the land in Bao Lam.

Going through the above, it can be seen that ROSE GARDEN is currently a product with great growth potential. Along with the current price on Moonka is currently 5% lower than the market. ROSE GARDEN is an opportunity not to be missed for savvy investors at the moment.

You can learn more about the product at: (ver ENG)

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