Moonka is a pioneering platform in the field of real estate tokenization thanks to Blockchain technology. “Tokenization” real estate assets helps property owners and investors around the world easily access and participate in buying – selling real estate products and projects in an optimal, convenient, secure, transparent as well as convenient way. 

How does MOONKA solve the inadequacies in the real estate field?


  • Retail investors find it difficult to access real estate projects
  • High legal risk
  • Liquidity time is prolonged
  • Foreigners meet difficulties in investing in domestic real estate


  • Real estate assets are divided into several parts so that everyone can invest with a small amount of capital
  • Legal support for property
  • Quick liquidity support 24/7
  • Foreigners can invest easily

MOONKA’s competitive advantage

  • Professional Real Estate Brokers Team: Over 5000 broker experts help you connect real estate sellers and investors
  • High liquidity: you will be able to buy and sell tokens that certify your real estate investment at any time without worrying about cumbersome legal processes, real estate scams with fake documents, deposits,…
  • Blockchain technology: dividing real estate into many parts for easy trading, investment and profit sharing chia
  • Crowdfunding: always updating potential projects to help many investors with small capital easily access projects

The process of buying and selling real estate in MOONKA

The process of buying and selling real estate at MOONKA is extremely simple, convenient, transparent and fast with the application of blockchain technology.

For sellers

For buyers

The properties selected for listing on MOONKA will go through a variety of selections based on criterias. For example: the location of the property, convenience and proximity to amenities, high potential for real estate appreciation in the future, competitive prices of real estate… Therefore, MOONKA will bring many values ​​to sellers and investors such as:

  • Investors will know information about real estate opening for sale as soon as possible
  • Cost savings for both the seller and the buyer due to not having to pay brokerage fees
  • You don’t need to directly visit the real estate to buy and sell, you can buy and sell immediately on the MOONKA platform.
  • Get support from legal consultants at MOONKA
  • Easily look up verified information of real estate 
  • Invest in real estate quickly without spending too much time researching because the projects on MOONKA have been carefully screened.

MOONKA is a Crowdfunding platform for joint real estate investment transparently through Blockchain. We are the bridge so that any investor from retail to foreigners can easily access good products. The team of MOONKA ambassadors with practical experience understanding the price level of each area will contribute to helping investors make a safer decision.

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